Thursday, November 5, 2009

Laundry Room Puddle

So today was weird but good I guess. I went to class like always and somehow miraculously passed my quiz even though I always "forget" to study and the day went on as normal.

That is until I came home and decided to do laundry...actually it wasn't a decision... I had to do laundry! I was all out of underwear (I had even worn the weird mesh ones I bought on a whim with Kera one time during High School) and I needed clean socks as well (I have been wearing two layers because I find this keeps me warm and then I don't have to risk wearing too many layers on top and arrive at class sweating like a pig... even though it's 40 degrees outside!). So I gather up all my laundry and start to divide it into loads and I am ready to go. I head over to the laundry room with a skip in my step because the prospect of clean clothes began to excite me (you can only endure dirty jeans for so long).

I load up the machines like always, pour the detergent into the wash, pick my cycle, pay, and head back to my apartment. After a sufficient amount of time had passed I returned to transfer my six loads over to the dryers. As I'm approaching the laundry room, I see a slightly attractive young man headed the same way as well ( I knew this because he had a laundry basket in his hand). I opened the door for him because his hands were full and we both entered and went on our merry way. I transferred the laundry over to the dryers on the east side of the facility. However I needed one more dryer for my last load so I turned the corner to use one of the west sided dryers (wow I make it sound like they're in a gang).

As I examine the "west-side" dryers I happen rather I unfortunately stepped right into a massive puddle on the first reaction was to scream. But I couldn't! That slightly attractive boy was on the other side of the room behind the wall! If he heard me then he'd know in a few seconds that I was just some crazy red-head and I would no longer be that "mysterious girl from the laundry room"....(a persona I gladly had accepted from the moment I opened the door for him). So what did I do? I stood in the puddle...visualizing the embarrassment soon to come my way. Fortunately "slightly attractive boy" (as we will continue to call him), finished loading up his clothes in the wash and left! A sigh of relief passed through me!

Now I needed to dry off my feet and sandals so I wouldn't "slosh" back to my apartment. I decided to head to the bathroom in the rec room, that was just adjacent to the laundry facilities. As I walked into the rec room I noticed something was different...the carpet was gone! (Nothing gets passed me)

I noticed an elderly couple sitting at the pool table eating lunch (no doubt the ones who ripped the carpet up... I'm sure of it!), I said hello and asked if I could use the bathroom and the man said yes. So in I went to the small single girl's restroom to clean off the "mystery" puddle I had stepped in earlier. After I had wiped down and convinced myself that it probably wasn't acid, pee, or any other gross liquid on my legs I reached for the handle. Just then I thought, "Well I can't leave now they'll think I didn't even use the bathroom or that I'm a fast "pee-er" but that I didn't flush. So I waited 60 more seconds (yes I counted) and I flushed the toilet. Then I had to wash my hands because if they didn't hear the faucet running after a flush they'd think that I don't wash my hands! Gross! So I washed my hands and dried them and then left the bathroom.

Why do we do stupid stuff like this? Like we assume there is a certain allotted time given to each gender on how long they should be in the bathroom and that they can only use it to relieve themselves. In all reality, I don't know about you but most of the time when I excuse myself to the restroom it's not because I have to pee. Usually I want to make sure my makeup hasn't for some strange reason, melted off my face and exposed the albino side of me! I also like to go into the restroom to adjust my clothes...*cough* BRA *cough*....yeah I said it! NO ONE wants to see you doing that in public! Life is just weird. Okay I'm done with this restroom tangent...onto the rest of the story.

After my bathroom excursion I went back to my apartment and started cleaning the kitchen (I was in one of those moods...I figured if my underwear was gonna be clean then my bowls and spoons might as well be too). After starting a load in the dishwasher and stacking the plates I returned to the laundry room to retrieve my clothes from the dryer.

As I turned the corner to head over to the "west-side" dryer to get my freshly dried towels and sheets, I noticed "slightly attractive boy" was there. He was adding more money to his laundry card at the machine (I don't know the name of the machine, but it's not relevant). He looked up and recognized me (as that "mysterious girl from the laundry room" I'm sure!). He smiled and said hi and turned around to get clothes out of the dryers himself. As he did this, ironically, "slightly attractive boy" stepped right into the puddle! LOL (Even though it's funny I still can't believe no one had cleaned it up yet!)

What makes this moment even better, is that he realized it in a split second what had happened as soon as the "solution" had touched his leg. But he thought that I didn't noticed so he too tried to play it off like nothing had happened and started to stare out the if lost in thought about dryer sheets or something. :) hahaha lol!!! It was awesome!!! I left and concluded that life is crazy and funny sometimes. The end.


Tawni said...

ahahahahahaha Holly ann i love you!!! oh and i sooo miss hearing your voice! I am calling you tomorrow for sure!

Trina said...

You should be a writer Holly! I love to read your stories! Keep up the good work and remember your mommy and daddy love you lots and lots :)

Andy Foree said...

That is so funny! I love it! You make me smile.

wOrKy GuRl said...

LOL!!! That totally made my day!

Emily said...

Ha ha so funny! I know right it always does seem like people are juding our every move. I would have stepped in that puddle too!