Sunday, January 18, 2009

Updates and the Holiday Weekend!

So I seriously have nothing exciting going on in my life but I haven't updated this thing in awhile so I figured I'd be a better blogger and update it, even though my life is a constant rerun of the same old stuff.

So at this point in my life I am in my last and final semester at EAC (FINALLY!!!!! YES!!!!). And yes I did it in two years thank you very much! I will be graduating with an AA in Theater and Cinematic Arts. After I get that I plan to hopefully get accepted to BYU and then go there in the Fall and continue until I get my Masters....I hope....ugh. If I don't get accepted to BYU, I have decided to join the circus as the bearded lady....just give me a few months to grow the beard and it'll be AWESOME!! haha just kidding. No, if I don't get accepted, which hopefully I should, I will seriously consider serving a mission. Yeah, never thought those words would leave my mouth but they did!

This Spring semester will hopefully be a good and final experience at EA. I will admit that it is one of the greatest places I have ever been, I absolutely love it there! But just like loving chocolate can be too much of a good thing, so can EA. I think that if you "indulge" in too much Eastern Arizona College, like chocolate, it will only lead to clogged arteries and heart failure. lol But seriously.....ok maybe not about the arteries, but the heart failure there is some truth to that.

This semester, I will be performing in what might be my final performance in musical theatre, being that I might change my major when I go to BYU. We will be putting on the hit musical "Seussical". It's a musical based on the stories of Dr. Seuss and it's really fun and great for kids of all ages. Although I did get called back after the auditions, I didn't get the part I wanted, but such is life. At least I'm in the show, right? I will be playing one of the Bird Girls. These girls are basically the typical back up singers to one of the main birds. The costumes will be awesome and the part should be really fun, so I'm not too disappointed with least I keep telling myself. :) I can't say the same for my mother...haha

This weekend, being that it's a four-day weekend, I decided to come home and visit my family before the semester starts getting really crazy. There is a rule in my family that if you travel anywhere you have to let someone know. Usually this means someone in the family, however Friday night I found a loop-hole in this rule and decided to surprise my parents and only told my roommates where I was going and if I didn't call them when I got home safely in a certain amount of time, then they were to call my mother and let her know whats know so she could then have a nervous break down and they could proceed to look for my body. :) This seemed fair to me so I left Thatcher after my Friday classes and started out on my journey.

As I was leaving Pima I realized I only had half a tank of gas left in my car. But gas prices went up again so I figured it only takes a half tank to make it home anyways and I can stop in Showlow at the Maverick, where it's cheaper (and I have a card) and get gas there if I needed to. Sounds good right? WRONG!

As I'm driving through the Canyon, I look at the dash and sure enough I only had a little less than a quarter of a tank left. Apparently my car was acting like me after my Pilate's class, and just binged out and consumed faster than usual! LAME!!! So what did I do.......of course I'm not an idiot, I prayed. And prayed, and prayed, and get the idea. I just needed to make it to Showlow but it seriously didn't look like it was in the cars. So I began to come up with a plan of what I would do when I had to pull over. Then the thought came to my mind that I needed to have faith that my prayers would work and I'd make it to Showlow. So I did, I began to push the thoughts from my mind that I would have to pull over and all I saw was me making it to Showlow and the gas light dinging right when I pulled into Maverick and what a miracle it would be.

Needless to say before I got out of the Canyon, my gas light dinged!!! Yeah the dinging sound we all hate to hear! I instantly was flooded with paranoid scenarios in my head of what I could do and most definitely what I couldn't.....I began to freak out! (Thanks mom, those paranoid thoughts definitely fell out of your apple tree and have ended up in mine!)

I prayed harder and slowly I had faith again that I could still make it to Showlow and I'd be fine. As soon as this thought popped into my head I looked at the dash, and not even kidding, the read line had moved up and my car was no longer empty! Yeah some of you may say that it was driving through the canyon and gravity and all that stuff that made the line move up....but it wasn't. Someone was watching over me. At that moment I almost broke down in tears because I KNEW someone was looking out for me. I had no fear or shadow of a doubt that I would make it to a gas station and I'd be just fine.

Some of you know the Canyon pretty well and can remember that right when you get out of the Canyon there's a Chevron. I some how have never noticed it the several times I've driven the it was Chevron.....I don't buy gas there (being that they are predominantly trying to take over the world :) lol but that's another story). But this day I was ever so grateful it was there. As soon as I pulled up over a hill and the Chevron sign came into gas light dinged. CRAZY!!! So I stopped and got gas at Chevron, thanking my Father in Heaven for watching out for me and the Holy Spirit for putting positive thoughts in my mind (and also vowing to never get gas at a Chevron again I might add haha).

It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. And one of the craziest too. (I feel like I just wrote a story for the Ensign haha) It may be cheesy and dumb, but it definitely was a lesson learned!

So anyways that's my update on my weird, random life. Feel free to comment.