Thursday, December 11, 2008

Driving, Dancing and the crazys of Safford

So I always feel like I'm starting to have good days and then a day like today happens! UGH

So today I got up early, went to wal-mart (where else right?), to get my tire patched and aired up cuz apparently it was every guy told me this week that saw me....So I pull in, and everything goes hunky dory and they say that it'll take about an hour and I'm like...ok.....I can totally kill an hour at wal-mart (I mean who can't?).

Anyways an hour later, on the nose, they call my name and I go back to get my car....well apparently they couldn't fix it cuz there's two holes right next to each other...(what they can't put a bigger patch on it?!) So I'm pretty much screwed. They put the spare on for me and the guy asked me, "Do you have warranty where you got the tires?"(Imagine me mocking him in a deep manly voice) and I said HOLBROOK, and he's like, "Well you won't want to drive it all the way to Holbrook on the spare." And I wanted to be like well no crap sherlock!! But alas I didn't (I use alas alot) I politely said ok thank you and left. So I don't know what I'm gonna do about that.

Then I went to the library where I almost finished my research paper before Dance Rehearsal (and yes I should be finishing that right now instead of doing this...but I don't care) After rehearsal...which was painful..I drove into Safford to go to the dance academy there to buy some tights for tomorrow's performance (cuz I'm made of money you know...not).

As I walk over there, there's this little girl standing there crying. So I give her a smile and say hi and begin to walk in and as I do, she says, "Nobody's here" (Imagine me saying this in a little girl voice). So I say but the door's unlocked. We walk in and sure enough no one's there. I was afraid to look around the studio further, for fear of having a Nancy Drew moment and find some body somewhere with this poor little girl and watch her be scarred for life. (I mean I think I could deal with that....I could just tell myself they're acting and the blood's fake and I'd be fine....but that little girl..) Plus I didn't want her to scream if by chance there was a body, cuz once again I have a pounding headache.

So after my dramatic mind stops playing murder mystery scenarios in my head, I realize....oh yeah they're at the college cuz they were showing up as I was leaving class. So I tell the little girl this, then I make her call her mother and we then waited for her mom to pick her up outside of the studio. I mean I couldn't leave her! She was only nine ( I know this cuz I asked)....but she only looked like she was four cuz she already had the skinny anorexic dancer body! I was so scared some creep-o was gonna steal her and kill her. My mother's paranoia..... definately have that!

So needless to say, of course as I wait with her all the creepy people in the Gila Valley drive by and I was so happy I was there to give them all my infamous death stare! ( yes this is the same one that I used on the stupid high school students who tried to cut me in line for Twilight...oh it works).

Her mother finally arrived after the longest ten minutes of my life and was very grateful I was I'm not gonna lie I kinda feel like a now I deserve the key to the city or something...ok maybe not that grand....but a candy bar would be nice. All in all I guess it wasn't a bad day if you ignore all the crap with my car, the creepy people of Safford, me still not having any tights to buy...ok so maybe it was a crappy day!!! ugh.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Papers, Posts and Pain

So this is my first post ever as a blogger. Wow everyone probably starts out saying lame cliche stuff like that....oh well when in Rome....:)

Today is a weird day in the small town of Thatcher. Today was my last final! Yea! But not a triumphant yea, but rather just a quiet yea because I still have to write a paper for my online theatre history class (and yes I know that's not how the typical public spells theatre but that's how theatre people spell theatre so...get over it :))

Right now I'm in the media center trying to work on my paper and this foolio (no he doesn't work at western wats haha I threw that in there for you Elyse) right next to me, is playing his stupid loud rap crap and it's not helping my already wonderful headache. Yes that was sarcastic.

Besides the headache causing me pain, the dreaded paper and this being my first post (I love, absolutely LOVE alliteration haha) my life is pretty uneventful right now. It seriously never is. But I guess I do have interesting things happen to me so people have me convinced that I should right a book...well this is the closest I'm coming to it.

Today I will be finishing my paper (now that is a blatant lie), going back to my messy old house (my house is this old house next to the virgin mary shrine house....long story), downing several drugs to get rid of this headache and then I will get ready for dance. Yes the semester is technically over but alas I still have dance practice. We're performing for the faculty on Friday ( I really should have lied and told her I wasn't gonna be here..oh well). This is the reason why I will not be heading home to the wonderful White Mountains until Saturday.

All my roommates are leaving me this weekend! :( Britt and Elyse are leaving today......Elyse for good (I don't want to talk about it) and Jadyn's leaving tomorrow. So I will be all alone for the next couple of days. Let me just say this now... I don't do well with old houses, dark, cold nights, and being alone! This will be an interesting experience.

Well that's basically all she wrote and when I mean she...haha I mean me. I'm gonna go check and see if my stupid public speaking instructor put my grades in yet. (UGH I do NOT like him!) ttyl