Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Without A Face

"If you just realized what I just realized...then we'd be perfect for each other and we'll never find another..."

Now under any other circumstances these words and this song would just melt  my heart and you would always see me with a smile on my face, however this morning as the words blasted in my ear at 6:00 AM coming from my alarm...they did not sound so romantic. Although I must add it is a much better choice for alarm song than "Crazy Train" (You can just imagine my surprise every morning lol).

So anyways, I "willfully" got out of bed this morning at *coughs* 6:30 AM *coughs* (sue me, I snooze like the rest of America), and went straight for the restroom as do so many of us in the morning. As I finished my "bidness" I was washing my hands and was greeted by something face. Okay, that sounds really pessimistic, what I mean to say is, my ugly albino face. I freaked. I had no makeup on and I was supposed to go running this morning!!

Now, most of you are probably thinking...uh hello crazy lady looking in the mirror freaking out, you're going running, you don't need to put any makeup on. Now if you know me...and especially if you know my face, you know that uh yeah I DO!!! Now don't think I'm gonna get all "real" with the blogging world and post a pic of my makeup-less your dreams, rather your nightmares. Just believe me when I say, it's different and not for the light-hearted to experience without adult supervision.

So I put on some eyebrows and some mascara ( I have eyebrows just fyi...I mean I colored them in.), and I started to stretch and get ready for the "exciting" run that would befall me shortly. As I was stretching, I began to think about my face (haha okay that sounded weird), and how I always have to have makeup on before people can see me. I feel like the only person who truly understands my pain and embarrassment would be my big sister (sorry I just outed you everyone knows about your albino face too lol). See, it's not like we look horrible without makeup, we just look different. I just feel more comfortable in makeup and always have. I love to wear it, I love to study it, I love to put it on other people....I just love it!!! It's like the woman's adult version of coloring books but for your FACE!!!!! It's great! haha People may think I'm weird but that's just how I am.

There will be no revelation at the end of this post saying, "So I decided to go without makeup this week", or "I decided, who cares, I love my albino face and pale blond features"...nope there surely won't be. The truth is, I don't love my albino I love my bright blue eyes though?...yes! Do I love my not huge, but pretty big luscious red lips?...yes! Do I love that I have finally mastered the shape of my man brows and that even though sometimes it takes ten years to color them into perfection I simply have to do it and it's worth it?...YES!!! So see, don't feel bad for the girl who's imprisoned by her makeup. She'll be alright. Now, dealing with water and waterproof makeup...well that's another story for another day. Peace.


TheBatts said...

i'm laughin right now because i cld just see the "without a face" based on true events on the lifetime channel, a story about a girl who feels face-less without makeup! hee hee! yes i do know your pain! that's how i know cortney still loves me is if he kisses me without makeup on & bad breath in the morning :) i just get it! if one of us gets rich we should both get makeup tatoo'd on, just saying, eyeliner, lashes dyed, & eybrows dyed!!

Holly Ann said...

Yes let's do it!!!! It's so funny that's all I can think about...first paycheck, eyebrows are getting dyed!! lol Maybe when I finally make it big I will produce this lifetime movie, "Without a Face" lol and your daughter can star in it!! BAHAHAHAHA (see what I did there? I cursed you with a red-head! Boo ya!)


You two crack me up! Hey I knew you before you could wear make-up and I don't remember any albino freak face! But Holly I do think you look very beauiful with or without make-up! And I know our pain of having to spend many hours on getting eyebrows just right. I have very thin almost non-exsistent ones and the hair that is there is very light. So yeah I totally get it! Plus I also have very pale skin. I love when I go somewhere ocassionally without make-up and no one recognizes me!Lol! Apparently I look like I'm a 12 yr.old girl! Ha ha!

Tawni said...

I know the albino Holly Ann and I LOVE her!!! We have had many a good late night chats. You know I think you are gorgeous, you have also been my best friend for , holy kamole 17+ years? I may be a little biased but you are still BEAUTIFUL!!! I miss your face, both make uped and not. I hope you're doing well. hugs and kisses!

wOrKy GuRl said...

Holly you are gorgeous!!! I am so excited that you are writing on here again :) You have inspired me, and I will be updating mine again soon! Love you, miss you, and I will be talkin to you soon!

Trina said...

Holly, I guess the combination of Dad & my genes did this to you and Amy! So Sorry :( But, I know you and Amy are Very Beautiful Girls with or without make-up! Cuz you're both my daughters & no less than beauty would be expected! :)
Love You