Sunday, January 16, 2011

"I. am. Job."

So if you're friends with me on facebook, or a roommate, member of my family or basically haven't been living in a cave for the last few days you probably already heard... I GOT A JOB!!!!!

This really has been an emotional roller coaster for me all week long and I am so excited it ended gloriously! I had two second interviews this week and was offered both positions. I'm so very grateful for both those opportunities and for the option I was given to decide which was a better fit for me, even though it was really hard to tell the first job offer I would be taking the other position instead. It would seem that Holly's life is looking up finally ladies and gentlemen!

There was a downside to this decision, as there is to most, there will no longer be any summer seasonal jobs to Alaska *SOBS* (seriously...I cried). I guess this is life's way of saying okay Holly it's time for a grown-up job. You see I won't be able to go to Alaska because I had to give my new job at least a one year commitment. In the interview, as I told them yes that I'd have no problem with that, I freaked out a little. What about my job in Alaska? Well I guess it's time to move on. Alaska will always have a huge chunk of my heart. And even though I will consider those to be for now and forever to be the best two summers of my life, I'm intrigued with what the future might hold. 

It's really weird for me to think that things are actually getting better, that I'm actually getting back on my feet again. That I'll be going back to school and finally finishing my degree and well just getting my life back.

It's even more weird to think that I'm going to be living somewhere for longer than a few months. The past year has seemed so nomad-like. I guess you could say, that I worry I will get bored with the daily routine of life and want to flee to another place. I've been bitten by the travel bug and sometimes it's hard to resist the urge to get out and leave. Sometimes I feel like I could live the life of the character Vianne, in the movie "Chocolat", played by the lovely Juliette Binoche. You know how she travels whenever the wind blows. I think I could do that. But my life isn't that exciting or romantic. Not to mention, I don't know secret chocolate-making recipes either and could never make it as a mysterious chocolatier ...alas I am a failure. Maybe I'll have to try this staying in one place thing for awhile.

p.s.--- If you can name what movie I am quoting in the title of this post, you'll win a prize! (Not really, I'll just think you're really cool.)


Ashley Lois said...

i'm so happy you got a job! that is super exciting! good luck at it, i know you'll do great!

Holly Ann said...

Thanks Ashley!!! I surely hope so!!


Sweetness! So excited for you! I bet it is such a relief! Okay I'm totally going out on a limb since I don't know many movies-I am Sam? I already feel like that is wrong. Dang-it why do I even try-:)Congrats again!

Holly Ann said...

Nope sorry Katie you are wrong it's not "I Am Sam". lol

TheBatts said...

Mrs. Doubtfire!! wooop woop!

PS - the best summer's of your life SO FAR (cause the one with you visiting me this coming summer will take the cake ha ha sorta kidding also I won the quiz so... yea now you have to come this summer.. sorry, that's how it works, I will be forced to take legal action if you renege) I have said that about many things in my life of only 21 years (yes thats how old I am) and every year I have to revise it to a new best time of my life (also works for this is the worst thing that has happened to me :P hee hee). You know you can still let the wind blow you where it may but with life, maybe the best things that happen to us are not always the most planned out :) love ya & I am super happy for you Mrs. Job-y Pants

Holly Ann said...

WHOOOOO!!!! Go Amy!!! You are the winner!! This is why we are family! lol I figured you'd get it. And you're right, if I do get the opportunity to visit you this summer it will... be... EPIC!!!!!! Also now apparently I am your big sister? hmmm interesting, being that I am 22! Well that works because people think that anyways about us haha. Thank you and love you lots....also because you are the winner, YOU ARE COOL!!!

Hannah said...

Congrats on the new job! It can suck sometimes been grown up, no more summers or spring break. I'm sure you'll do great with your new job and school.

Alicia said...

Congrats on your job! That is great news! Take it, work hard at it, and never EVER stop looking for magical chocolate recipes.

Especially the kind that will make my husband want me even when I'm cleaning our grimy shower.